With the increase of consumers’ awareness of the use of additives in foods and the attention that functional foods have acquired in recent years, there is a need for the identification of alternative natural and safer sources of food antioxidants. In parallel, modern industries are focused on diminishing the environmental impact of industrial by-products. Therefore, most attention has been paid to the recovery of bioactive compounds from agro-food industry by-products. Even though, the largest quantity of agro-food waste is derived from the fruit and vegetables processing, the farmer’s shift to alternative crops has led to the production of significant quantities of under-utilized by-products.

By-Value will implement strategies for the valorization of by-products originating from aromatic plants (essential oils post distillation residue) and sesame (sesame cake) processing, contributing thus to the economic development, and the protection of the environment. So far, these materials Is utilized as animal feed, or fertilizer in its production areas or discarded in open areas, potentially causing environmental pollution, although they have the potential to be valorized in new applications and markets.

The By-Value project focuses on the valorization of the above agro-waste products, by developing sophisticated “green” methods of extraction and incorporation of the obtained biocompounds in innovative bakery products, meeting the requirements of industry and consumers as well. In the present proposal, we will investigate and optimize methods for drying, extraction and isolation bioactive ingredients from selected agro-food industry by-products that will not affect their functional properties for the production of high added value bakery products. Based on the characteristics of the innovative products/ingredients produced from the four work packages, the economic and commercial exploitation of innovative bakery products will be investigated in the fifth work package by the partner of company.

The By-Value program includes three partners, two of which are research organizations with scientific and complementary experience, and one is company with main activities in the production of bakery products. The results of the By-Value program are expected to have a significant impact on the competitiveness of enterprises at European and international level, while at the same time delivering profits and growth. Participants will be able to expand their activities into new protocols that will allow the production of new high added value products. It will also bring socio-economic benefits such as sustainability, new jobs and innovation in the functional food sector.

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